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Welcome to Jills Jewelry! I’m a full time jeweler working at a store in LA and this is my blog to showcase some of my products as well as my knowledge to help would be couples shop for the perfect bridal jewelry.

Before you go anywhere else, I want to bring to your attention about a new article that was published recently on the misconceptions of buying wedding jewelry. Check it out below…

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Do Wedding Jewelry Costs A Fortune?

Believe it or not, this is not true.

We all want that perfect diamond that says he loves me more than the world. But, it’s not the size of the stone that measures the love involved within. In fact, love isn’t in that stone at all. Symbolism is one of the things that make the stone worth what it is. Of course you want it the-bigger-the-better, and you have the right to. What you don’t want is to go into debt for it before that magical day that will begin the rest of your life together arrives.

Shop. Shop. Shop. Leave your money at home and look first. Have you ever tried to count the number of jewelry stores in your town? Just the town you live in, not the suburbs, or towns down the road. How about other jewelry outlets?

Pawn shops are a great source of beauty people tend to overlook. Think about it. Our lives, and the lives we start together as man and wife are centered on traditions. History. Walk into a jewelry store and ask about the history of ‘that’ ring you’ve had your eye on. You’ll get something like, “Oh, that diamond is the… and it comes from the mines of…” When you walk into a pawn shop or other outlet and see a beautiful ring ask about it. You may get an entire life history on that one.

Maybe even dating back to the eighteenth century or something similar. And the most important thing, you can add to that history with your own. Something rare to hand down to your great grand children. I’m not saying a clean slate is a bad way to go, but if you’re on a tight budget and want something other than a simple band, it’s an option.

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The other favorite option is family heirloom rings. Yep. And they don’t even need to be traditional wedding rings. It’s an heirloom. No matter what it looks like, a diamond, ruby, sapphire, or a band. It’s got built in history of your family to pass down. And, it’s free. What a price saver.

Another option is to wait for the ‘big one’. My mother and father in-law waited until they’d been married for nearly thirty years to decide they wanted new matching rings. It’s not uncommon today to buy a second wedding ring, or set, way down the line of happiness and get the ring you really wanted, but couldn’t afford, or the one that didn’t fit your lifestyle at the time you got married.

Get the ring you want now, but make sure it fits who you are now. If you ride horses a lot in an active way, a stone that sticks up may not be the best way to go right now. Or, you may want to go-for-the-gold and have it all now. Whichever way you go,, make sure you’ve found the best price.

It shouldn’t be about how much it costs. It should be more about who you are and at a price that won’t hurt. Plan ahead and use a lay-a-way plan if necessary, but budget it to fit your overall budget.

I hope this article has helped you garner some information on buying bridal jewelry and engagement rings. Shopping for one doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank if you make your decisions wisely. Good luck!