A Jewelry Artist Guide to Affordable Engagement Rings

Affordable Engagement Rings may be some of the items that as a jewelry artist you will either make, or guide a couple in the process of purchasing their dream ring.

Let me begin with a simple personal story.

I was helping a friend of mine buy an affordable engagement ring for his fiancee. I took him to someone I trusted and known as family friends for years. A few years later when he took the ring to be cleaned, the jeweler told him that the diamond was a zircon and not the real gem.

Even when you think you trust the source, double check their credentials. Make sure that there are no previous complaints against them. Many time paying less cost you more in the long run. Let’s not forget your reputation is tarnished for a long time.

cheap and affordable engagement rings

Engagement rings for cheap are not a great deal most of the time and there are many pitfalls involved with such “sales”.

Tips to Follow When Selecting an Affordable Engagement Ring

Begin by setting a budget, discuss with your client how much are they ready to spend and how they will pay for the ring. Help the stay within their budget, they will always thank you.

Choose a different stone than a diamond. More unusual stones, such as a sapphire or a ruby, will typically be less expensive than a diamond. They may want to select a stone that has a specific meaning; such as the birthstone of the month in which they met or the month of their wedding. .

Consider a ring designed with lots of small diamonds. Smaller gems are more plentiful (and cheaper) than large stones. Buying the same total carat weight in a single stone is nearly always more expensive than a flurry of smaller diamonds. .

The metal used in the setting can add to the price. Selecting a white gold band is less expensive than platinum and it looks very similar.

Diamond bands are an excellent alternative to an engagement ring. It is less fuzzy and it does not have a solitaire that catches on to every item of clothing. It is a very flexible choice that can be used even when exercising.

Select a lesser quality diamond. Buy a diamond with imperfect color, but with a larger stone and clarity.

Check for sales at local department stores, they often have excellent buys on engagement rings. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club are another logical alternative to expensive jewelry stores.

Does the couple’s family have an heirloom diamond ring that can be redesigned? This can be another option for an affordable engagement ring.

You can see if the couple’s family has a vintage ring and then change the stone.

Online auctions are a potential source of affordable engagement rings. Read descriptions carefully and research each seller’s feedback before you bid.

Design their ring for them. Make sure you know how to set the stone, or have professional stone setter set the stones for you.

You can also consider buying the setting from a wholesale catalog and then purchase the stone separately. Use your sense of design to help the couple make the right choice.

Whatever your options for an affordable engagement ring, research every possibility carefully. Your clients will be making a life-time investment, so treat it as a business transaction and have them obtain a certificate of authenticity and an appraisal signed by a professional.

The most important thing to remind the couple is that an engagement ring is a symbol of unity and love. They do not need to spend a lot of money to show the world that they love each other.